• Hands2Heal services are therapeutic and strictly non-sexual. Sessions provided by Hands2heal are solely for the purpose of healing. It is inappropriate to solicit or request contact or conduct of a sexual nature from the massage therapist at any time.  This kind of behavior is not tolerated and will result in the immediate cessation of the session and permanent exclusion from the place of business. During the Shiatsu or massage session the client will be discreetly draped with a sheet, blanket or towel to respect modesty.

  • Your information will be kept confidential. Information will only be shared with other health care providers for consulting or coordination of care, or with the various agencies involved in payment reimbursement.

  • If you need to cancel a scheduled appointment, please give twenty-four hours advance notice.

  • It is the client responsibility to inform the therapist of any current and/or previous medical conditions he may have (i.e. medications you are taking, major accidents or surgeries, physical/mental/emotional disorders, and general illness) to the best of his knowledge. It is also the client’s responsibility to inform the massage therapist of any changes to this information. 

  • In case the client experience any unusual discomfort and/or pain during the session it is his responsibility to inform the therapist so that the pressure or technique being used will be adjusted.

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