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Reiki I

  • April 29 and May 6th, from 9am to 1:30pm (Sundays)
  • May 9th and 12th, from 9am to 1:30pm (Wednesdays)
  • August 18th and 25th, from 9am to 1:30pm (Saturdays)
  • Instructor: Yael Acrich, Reiki Master

    Reiki is a natural healing method that promotes good health, relaxation, and self-improvement.
    In the Reiki I class, you will learn how to treat yourself and others to reduce stress and achieve balance. You will explore the Chakra system and its role in improving your health and well-being, experience healing with colors, and receive helpful tips for treating common symptoms in adults, children, and pets. In addition, you will learn how to protect yourself energetically and incorporate Reiki into your daily life.

    The class includes two Reiki I attunements and ample hands-on practice time. Upon completion, you will receive your Reiki I certification, enabling you to treat yourself and others, and participate in the Reiki Share gatherings.

    No prerequisites.
    Class registration: $300 (Reiki I manual and certificate included)
    If you have taken the Reiki I course with Yael before, you can now audit the class for just $150.

    To Register call (408) 836-6078, or email:

    Reiki II

    Upcoming Reiki II class:

    • January 15 and 22, 9:30am to 1:30pm (Sundays)
    • June 3 and 10, 9:30am to 1:30pm (Saturdays)
    • March 4th and 18th, 9:30am to 1:30pm (Sundays)

    Reiki II training builds on the Reiki I foundation. This class is great for anyone wishing to expand the ways in which they use and give Reiki. We will continue our study of universal energy by adding more healing techniques and information, reinforcing your practice, deepening your awareness, sharpening your understanding, takinFg your ability to feel Reiki energy to a new level, and allowing you to practice Reiki from distance.

    This class includes:

    • Reiki II symbols, their meanings, and how to use them
    • Reiki hand positions for treating specific conditions
    • Distance healing techniques
    • Deepening your knowledge of the chakras and how to balance them
    • Strengthening your intuition
    • Reiki II attunements
    • Certificate of completion for Reiki II

    The class will be a combination of instruction and practice. Handouts will be given.
    Upon completion, you will receive your Reiki II certification and will be fully trained to treat yourself and others.

    Pre-requisites for this class are Reiki I. A copy of your Level I certificate is required upon registration unless you took it with me.

     ** As a general guideline, I recommend waiting at least 3 months after the Level 1 class before proceeding with Level 2. This ensures that there has been plenty of time for integration, growth, and practice of the Level 1 materials. **

    Reiki II Class costs $320 and meets twice, for 4 hours each session.

    To Register call (408) 836-6078, or email:

    Reiki for Kids

  • October 8 from 10am to 1pm (Sundays)

Instructor: Yael Acrich, Reiki Master

Reiki is a natural healing method that promotes relaxation, good health, and self-awareness.
In this fun and unique class, the children will develop a positive, healthy outlook of life.
They will learn how to treat themselves and others energetically, and how to protect themselves; applying ancient Reiki / Zen wisdom into their daily lives.
Giving them the recognition to flow and believe their naturally unblocked intuition, they will experience a connection and calmness from within. And, most importantly, they will learn how to go back to this state of mind, when needed.  Through role playing, instruction, fun activities, and hands-on practice, the workshop will open the children’s eyes to the importance of gratitude, appreciating the people in their lives, and the outcomes of their thoughts and actions.
Upon completion, participants will receive a Reiki I certification and will be able to treat themselves and others.
The workshop is designed for children ages 9-14 and is taught in small age like groups.

No prerequisites. Registration: $200/$160 each, if you have two children participating. Repeating students: $50

Mom & I Shiatsu


Instructor: Yael Acrich

Sometimes we run so fast that we miss the little things in life…

Now you have the opportunity to pause for a moment, and enjoy memorable quality time with your child.

In this fun and unique workshop, you will learn how to calm and connect with your child through touch and the art of Zen Shiatsu. You will give and receive the gift of touch in a loving, warm, and playful atmosphere, using easy-to-learn Shiatsu principles and techniques. There will be an emphasis on how you can benefit from and incorporate Shiatsu at home, and you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable treatment from your child.

Mom & I Shiatsu Workshop is led by Yael Acrich, an experienced Shiatsu therapist, who has been working successfully with children to enhance self-confidence, reduce stress, and improve concentration.  Yael's extensive teaching credentials and unique ability to bond with children allow her to create safe, supportive, and fun learning experience for children and parents alike.

The workshop is designed for a parent to participate with their child and is taught in small groups, giving both parents and children full attention and instruction. Dads are also encouraged to participate.  Upon completion, you are invited to deepen your practice and connection with your child through the In-Touch Circle.

No prerequisites. 
Registration: $180
If you have taken the Mom & I Shiatsu Workshop with Yael before, you can now audit the workshop for just $90.

Register with a friend and get $30 off each!

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