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“Taking care of a pain in the neck – not just politically correct, it might save your week.”

Unfortunately, I met Yael for the first time only when I had a major pain in my neck and shoulders, and needed an immediate relief. After taking care of this problem in a gentle and effective way, I discovered that like car there is a preventative plan, i.e. the best way to get you out of pain in the neck, shoulders, lower back etc., is to service your body on a regular basis. I urge you to try it and avoid those unwelcome flairs.

A.U., Sunnyvale, CA

"I am so grateful I can move and stand up and sit down without excruciating pain."

I am so grateful to you for helping me feel better. Sunday morning I felt very stiff …….. I am so grateful I can move and stand up and sit down without excruciating pain.
Activities such as washing dishes, cooking dinner, feeding my elderly father make my back muscles feel very tight.  It helps a lot to take a warm besom salt bath, which I did Sunday, Monday and will do right
after I send you this message.

You mentioned to me on Saturday to wait and see how I react to your massage treatment before I pay you.  I felt better while you were working on me and I am convinced I've been able to carry on my duties because of your help……
Your massage has been the best I have ever received. You seem to know exactly where I needed it without me having to say much. And I love the way you made me
more flexible. You help me not be afraid to move. Still, I know I must be cautious.

Thank you so much for choosing a job that helps people like me to feel better and for all your efforts to be so good at it.

C.A., Sunnyvale, CA.

"I look forward to my next one"

I really benefited from my last massage. Thank you. I look forward to my next one.

J.S., Sunnyvale, CA.

"Yael’s  Shiatsu treatment was amazing"

I approached Yael for helping me with back pain caused during period pain. Yael’s  Shiatsu treatment was amazing, the movement she does with my body had an immediate effect.  It gave me a deep sense of relaxation, the massage is also energizing and helps with any stress which may have built up. Since I have been receiving shiatsu energy level has increased significantly.  Yael is also a very positive and caring person who listens to your needs and responds with the proper Shiatsu treatment.  I would highly recommend Yael’s shiatsu treatments.

Have a great week.

L.M., Palo Alto, CA.

"Thank you for doing such a great job in helping me feel better"

When I walked out of your office after the massage you gave me this Tuesday morning I could feel that my
posture was stronger and more upright.  Yesterday was my best feeling day since my Papa died.  I awoke
having more energy and I played my music as I organized the closet.  Then I spent most of the day
visiting with various friends. I felt cheerful and social without having to give it a great deal of
effort as I usually do.

Thank you for doing such a great job in helping me feel better.

C.A., Los Altos, CA.

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